Welcome to Royal Pacific Institute!


At Royal Pacific Institute, we offer an authentic traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) education. Our teachers provide high quality instruction with many years of experience in working as a doctor in clinic and hospital and teaching in TCM university or college in China and Canada.


Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio Clinics has 3 regular intake sessions per year; with January, May and September starting times. With our small size classes, we are able to offer quality education with optimal opportunity for one on one instruction and interaction. This also gives students more opportunities to work directly with patients in the student clinic

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Welcome to Royal Pacific Institute



  • “I’m so lucky to meet Dr. Yin at Oshio College and got treatment from him. I visited him firstly for frequent epilepsy attacks several times a week. With his treatments for about half a year, I did not have any epilepsy attacks in the following 6 months. Then I wanted to become a mother but I was never pregnant before even when I was young without epilepsy attack. Considering already 34 years old, possibly it was my last chance. I asked Dr. Yin again. With Dr.Yin’s 3 month treatments, I became pregnant!!!” —– Sasha, Victoria