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  • 加拿大皇家太平洋中医学院专业课程学制学分

    加拿大皇家太平洋中医学院专业课程学制学分 加拿大皇家太平洋中医学院专业课程学制学分下设有三门专业课程。 三年制针灸课程 共计1935小时,113学分。每学年是八个月。如不休暑假,可于两年修完三年针灸课程。毕业后可参加俾斯省针灸牌照考试。 四年制中医课程 四年制中医课程由三年制针灸课程加第四年学习组成,共计2655小时,150学分。每学年是八个月。如不休暑假,可于两年八个月修完四年中医课程。毕业后可参加俾斯省针灸牌照和中药牌照考试。 五年制高级中医师课程 五年制中医课程由三年制针灸课程加第四年(四年制中医课程)和第五年学习组成,共计3330小时,188学分。每学年是八个月。如不休暑假,可于三年半修完五年高级中医师课程。毕业后可参加俾斯省针灸牌照,中药牌照和高级中医师牌照考试。高级中医师牌照考试通过者,可获加拿大政府认可之医生牌照。 具体各科课程如下表所列: [table id=3 /]


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  • “I’m so lucky to meet Dr. Yin at Oshio College and got treatment from him. I visited him firstly for frequent epilepsy attacks several times a week. With his treatments for about half a year, I did not have any epilepsy attacks in the following 6 months. Then I wanted to become a mother but I was never pregnant before even when I was young without epilepsy attack. Considering already 34 years old, possibly it was my last chance. I asked Dr. Yin again. With Dr.Yin’s 3 month treatments, I became pregnant!!!” —– Sasha, Victoria