University Program / Diploma

University Professional Program / Diploma.

  • Diploma of Tui Na

    Diploma of Tui Na(Chinese Massage) is a 13 weeks certificate program. You will get a Tui Na license by pass the exam after graduate from royal pacific institute.

  • Diploma of Dr. TCM

    Diploma of Dr. TCM is a 5 years undergraduate program. You will get a Doctor license by passing the CTCMA exam after graduate from Royal Pacific Institute.

  • Diploma of TCMP

    Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner is a 4 years university program. You will get a TCMP license in Canada after pass the CTCMA exams in Canada.

  • Acupuncture diploma

    Acupuncture  is a 3 years diploma program. After 3 years study in Royal Pacific Institute, you can attend to the CTCMA examination to get an acupuncturist license in Canada.



  • “I’m so lucky to meet Dr. Yin at Oshio College and got treatment from him. I visited him firstly for frequent epilepsy attacks several times a week. With his treatments for about half a year, I did not have any epilepsy attacks in the following 6 months. Then I wanted to become a mother but I was never pregnant before even when I was young without epilepsy attack. Considering already 34 years old, possibly it was my last chance. I asked Dr. Yin again. With Dr.Yin’s 3 month treatments, I became pregnant!!!” —– Sasha, Victoria